Kamis, 16 Juni 2011

Amazing friendship

the amazing friendship......
although we come from different background we still keep our friendship
these are my friends Rustanti, Ayuni Karuniawati and Rusmalia Rofiqoh. we are teacher hehehehe.
me, Ayuni and Tanti in crazy trip at Jogja...hehehe..jgn tny dimana si Lia lho..kn dah dibilang she doesn't like to took the photograph...

the first one of my friend is Rustanti. a mathematic teacher from Al-Abidin Elementary School. she is like me, still tomboy although we wear veil but it is our style....like me she likes bringing back bag when we go to teach....hehehehe we think we are more comfort when we are wearing back bag. as i think when we use back bag all equipments can put in our bag.....hohohoho......once again Tanti is FB lover like me hehehehe......and i should say a million thank for Tanti becuase i find my soulmate from Tanti.....it bcoz tanti's friend FB thank Tanti, You are really my best friend

the second one is Ayuni. she is also a mathematic teacher.... but upst.... don't think she's like me and Tanti.....she is faminist woman. she likes wearing skirt or gamis or abaya whereever she goes. she is a vacational school teacher. i love her because she is very explicit when she takes a decision....onece again we often share the job hehehe...if i teach english she teachs mathematic.. it bcoz we live in the same city...
the third friend is Rusmalia Rofiqoh....but her students usually called her Miss Rose or Miss Lia......like me she is an english teacher, if i am a teacher in Elementary school, she is an english teacher in junior high school. she usually calls me Mami......she is a funny  althought sometimes like a child but the children likes her....bcoz she always can near with the children...one unique from Lia.......she doesn't like to photographed hehehe

hehehe she is all my friend. it is my amazing friendship

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