Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

my choice

my school now after renovation
once upon the time i ever talked in my heart "if all teachers wanted to teach in city so who will make people in village to be clever.....n Alloh answered it, around 2 semester before i graduated from university i got the offer from a supervisor in islamic primary school, he offered me to teach in a small village at Musuk Subdistrict.....wow surprised....it's school or a hut, the building looked old, the floor is still from land, n there are many roof  that broken, inalillahi..... feel sad, it's not i regret because i have decided to teach here but i fell sad about the condition here. oh Alloh approved my wish....n i should receive it, n i should be sincere, it's my chosen. although there are many dilematics that i find when i have here almost 7 years. about the regulation, about friend n the way their works, there are many crossing that happend when i have here. should be sincere

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